Quick Update: Between Italy and Croatia

Hello all! I am currently sailing midway between Italy and the Dalmatian coast, en route to Dubrovnik, where we should arrive in the early afternoon tomorrow. We have had a couple of nights of rough seas, but now that we are between two parts of the mainland, things have calmed down a bit. I’m preparing to deliver a lecture this evening on the sensory experience of ancient cities, which I am hoping the passengers will enjoy.  I am still paying for internet by the minute, so I don’t have time to write a lengthy entry, but suffice it to say that Malta, which we left yesterday evening, is a wonder!  I cannot wait to go back and spend some more time there.  So much history, and so beautiful!  The prehistoric temples are incredible, and the medieval cities are gorgeous. 

Word is that I should have internet access hooked up in my room by Monday, which is two days from now.  If that happens, I can spend a bit more time writing a proper update and a few words about Sardinia and Sicily.  But with so much going on every day, I may have to simply move forward rather than trying to pick up everything that has come before.  This is certainly a fast-paced voyage!

Tip for the day: never compete in “Name That Tune” on a ship on which the average passenger is in their 70s.  The lovely pianist tried to give us “young people” a song that we might recognize by sort of banging around on the piano.  The three of us under 40 just looked at each other in complete confusion and he, very frustrated, said that it was “Who Let The Dogs Out” and that we must not spend enough time at the “disco clubs” or we would know it.  Hmmm…right…

OK, it’s off to dress for dinner and my presentation now.  I hope to be able to share more thoroughly, and in a more archaeological vein, in the near future.


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